How Many Temperature Probes Come with a Product


  • How many temperature probes are included with an oven?
  • Does each oven in a double oven model include a temperature probe?
  • Part number to replace a missing probe


The number of probes shipped with an oven varies by product.

  • L Series, M Series, and E Series Single and Double Oven models include one temperature probe.
    • E Series Double Ovens only have a probe receptacle in the upper oven.
    • In M Series and L Series Ovens, probes can be used in the upper and lower ovens at the same time. Two probes would be needed.
  • The CSO and SO24 Oven probes are not interchangeable with other probes.
  • Gas Ranges, Outdoor Grills, Microwaves, Speed Ovens, and Warming Drawers do not have a probe feature.
  • Probes are shipped in the bag with the use and care manual.
Oven SeriesNumber Probes that
Come with Product
Part NumberProbe Color

L Series
M Series
E Series
IR Induction Range
Dual Fuel 30" & 36"

Dual Fuel 48" & 60"2823261Blue

Convection Steam Oven (CSO)
SO24 Oven


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