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Sub-Zero Undercounter Ice Maker (315I, UC-15I) Custom Door Panels


  • Can the door panel on a 315I(P) be transferred to a UC-15I(P)?
  • Can a custom panel be installed on the UC-15I(P)O outdoor ice maker?
  • Can the custom door panel on the 315I or UC-15I extend higher or lower than specifications?
  • Can the custom door panel on the 315I(P) or UC-15I extend beyond the side specifications?


Custom Door Panel Options

  • Brackets are supplied with all 315I and UC-15I models in order to attach a custom door panel.
    • The handle side door panel mounting bracket is universal for both models, part # 7013413.
    • An upper bracket is also needed; refer to the part numbers below for each model:
      • UC-15I upper bracket - 7031742
      • 315I upper bracket - 7018745
  • A typical custom door panel is 3/4" thick; minimum panel thickness is 5/8".
    • A panel thicker than 1-1/4" will affect the unit's door hinge clearance and will prevent the door from opening.
  • The custom door panel must not exceed 15 pounds regardless of the door panel material, width, or thickness.
    • A panel heavier than 15 pounds may cause increased strain and wear on the unit's hinges; preventing the door from sealing properly and affecting unit performance.
    • Any performance issues resulting for a door panel that is heavier than specifications will not be covered by the product warranty.
  • Although the 315I(P) overall width is 15 3/16" and the UC-15I(P) overall width is 14 3/4", the rough opening width of the 315I(P) and the UC-15I(P) are both 15 1/4". The panels sizes stay the same.
    • A custom door panel can extend beyond the handle side of the unit, but not beyond the hinge side of the unit.
    • A custom door panel can extend beyond the height of the unit to accommodate a higher than normal countertop or side cabinetry.
    • A custom door panel cannot be smaller than specifications as the frame of the door will be exposed.
  • A custom door panel must allow a 4" toe kick. It is not possible to reduce or increase the toe kick size.
    • Dropping the bottom edge of a custom door panel to create a smaller than 4" toe kick could restrict airflow to the sealed system area and affect unit performance.
    • A larger toe kick is not possible without placing the unit on a platform, which would increase the finished opening height.
    • Performance issues resulting from restricted airflow due to improper toe kick clearance will not be covered by the product warranty.
    • If a taller finished height is desired, use a platform under the unit to raise it when changing the toe kick height or overall countertop height.
  • The UC-I5I(P)O outdoor ice maker can have a custom panel attached to it; however, the door panel material must be able to withstand the elements it will be exposed to.
  • Custom panels from a 315I can be reused on a model UC-15I.

Refer to the product Installation Guide for further installation information. Refer to the Sub-Zero Design Guide for design specifications. Contact a Local Dealer for further sales information.


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