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Sub-Zero Door or Drawer Opens by Itself


  • Why is the door or drawer opening by itself?
  • Door pops or comes open slightly on its own after closing
  • Door does not close as easily as before
  • Refrigerator door will not stay shut
  • Door is not self closing like it used to


  1. If unit is a new installation, verify the unit is properly leveled and installed to specifications.
  2. Inspect the path of door travel for any blockage.
    • Inspect placement of food items inside unit.
  3. Inspect the door liner, door gasket, door shelves, interior shelves, and interior drawers to verify each is in proper location, properly closed, and not broken, ripped, torn, or bulging to a point that may block door travel.
  4. Verify nothing prevents the hinge mechanism from closing properly.
  5. Inspect the door hinge mechanism for any cracks, chips, missing screws, damaged plates, or broken cams.
  6. Replace any broken hinge components.
  7. For 600 Series models, see Gallon Door Shelf information.
  8. 511, 550, 611, and 650 units have two plastic cams in the lower door hinge. If these cams are damaged, door operation is affected.
  9. Some older 500, 300, and Undercounter Series used a spring-loaded, roller-style door closer. If this is replaced and installed wrong, it will push the door open instead of pushing it closed.
  10. For Designer (Formerly Integrated) products in a dual installation using the handle to handle dual install kit, the trim provided with the kit must be used or it prevents the door from closing and sealing.
  11. See also:

Refer to the product installation guide for further installation information.


If these steps do not resolve the issue, no further troubleshooting advice is available. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.


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