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Connect Outdoor Gas Grill to House LP Gas Line


  • Can an Outdoor Gas Grill (OG) on liquid propane (LP) gas be connected to a whole house gas line system?
  • Considerations when connecting a BM13 or SB13 to a entire house LP system
  • Is a regulator needed to connect an OG on LP to a whole house system?
  • Regulator, part number 816942


An Outdoor Gas Grill (OG), Side Burner for Cart (SB13), or Burner Module (BM13) can connect directly to a home LP gas line.

To connect the unit to the home LP gas line:

  1. Purchase a Wolf regulator, part number 816942.
  2. Remove the cap on the regulator.
  3. Reverse the plunger.
  4. Install the cap to set the regulator to LP.
  5. Remove the existing regulator from unit and discard.
  6. Install the new regulator, taking care to note the direction of the arrow on the regulator showing the direction of fuel flow.
    • Fuel flow arrow should be pointed towards the unit.
  7. Connect the house line to the inbound side of the regulator (with the threaded sealer) using a standard flex hose.
    • Standard flex hose is not supplied by Wolf.
    • Operating manifold pressure will be 10" wc.


The requirements for this type of installation are as follows:

Contact a Factory Certified Parts Distributor to order parts. Contact a Factory Certified Installer for further installation information.


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