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Wolf Legacy Dual Fuel Range and Legacy Induction Range Leveling Instructions


  • Level Legacy Dual Fuel (DF) Range
  • Install anti-tip bracket for Legacy Induction Range (IR)
  • Legacy DF and IR rear caster and leveling leg adjustments
  • Adjust rear casters


Rear Caster Adjustment

Legacy Dual Fuel Ranges and Legacy Induction Ranges have rolling casters. The casters allow easy movement of the range by picking up on the front of the unit.

  • The range comes from the factory at an overall height of 35-7/8" (from floor to the top of the bullnose) before any height adjustment.
  • The casters allow the range to be raised 2-1/8" if needed.

To raise or lower rear caster:

  1. Reach directly underneath unit to rear caster, shown in image above. Attach a 3/4” socket with a long extension onto the adjusting bolt, which is on the front of the caster assembly.
  2. Attach a drill or socket wrench to extension, then turn bolt left (counterclockwise) to lower or right (clockwise) to raise.

Front Leveling Leg Adjustment

Legacy Dual Fuel Ranges and Legacy Induction Ranges can be leveled at the front by turning the front leveling legs.

  • The legs allow for the range to be raised 2-1/8" if needed.
  • To raise or lower front leveling legs, use an adjustable wrench to turn the leveling leg nut to the left (counterclockwise) to raise or right (clockwise) to lower. The leveling nut is 1.05" across.
  • The installation hardware does not include an adjustable wrench but is available locally.
  • The stainless steel cover over the leveling leg floats up or down to conceal the leveling leg from view.
  • If leveling leg is still visible and the stainless steel cover is all the way down, replace the stainless steel cover with a longer version, available as a sales accessory.

Use the following to verify the unit is level:

  • Bullnose
  • Top side panels
  • Side walls of the interior oven cavity
  • Oven floor
  • Back wall

Refer to the product Installation Guide for further information.


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