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Replace E Series Single Oven with M Series Single Oven


  • What M Series single oven is recommended to replace an E Series Oven?
  • Is the M Series Single Oven a direct replacement for the E Series models?
  • Installation differences between the M and E Series Ovens
  • What changes have to be made when replacing SO30-2, SO30, or SO3050 with new M Series Oven?
  • What are the differences in opening depth, width and height for the M Series versus the E Series?


Refer to the following chart for compatible replacement for E Series Oven options to M Series.

  • The following chart refers to general compatibility only and does not take into consideration differences in installation requirements, interior or exterior dimensions, or interior capacity. For feature comparison, refer to M Series and New Generation E Series Oven Comparison.
SO30-2 E SeriesSO30 E SeriesSO3050 E SeriesM Series  Standard InstallationFlush Inset InstallationElectrical
SO30-2G/BSO30CE/B/THDiscontinuedSO30CM/BOpening Depth
  • No change
  • M Series requires 23 1/4"
  • SO3050 E Series requres 23 1/4"
  • SO30, and SO30-2 E Series required 24"
Opening Width
  • No change
  • Stays the same at 28 1/2"
Opening Height
  • Change may be required
  • M Series requires 27 1/2"
  • SO3050 E Series requires 27 1/2"
  • SO30 E Series requires 27 1/4"
  • SO30-2 E Series required 27 3/16"
Opening Depth
  • Cleat change for legacy E Series models
  • M Series depth is 24”
  • SO3050 E Series depth is 24"
  • Cleat backset remains the same for SO3050 E Series at 7/8"
  • The cleat backset changes from 1 1/4" to 7/8” for SO30 Professional and Transitional, and 1” for Contemporary
Opening Width
  • Change may be required
  • SO3050 E Series stays the same at 30 1/8"
  • SO30, and SO30-2 E Series changes from 30 3/8" to 30 1/8”
  • The side cleats for SO3050 E Series stays the same at 13/16"
  • The side cleats have changed from 1" (SO30-2) to 15/16" (SO30) to 13/16” (M Series)
Opening Height
  • Likely no change
  • M Series is 28 ¾”
  • SO3050 E Series is 28 3/4"
  • SO30 E Series requires 28 3/8"
  • SO30-2 E Series required 28 1/2"
  • Top cleat is the same for SO3050 E Series at 1 1/8"
  • The top cleat changed from 7/8" (SO30-2) to 3/4" (SO30) to 1 1/8” (M Series).
Electrical supply requirements stay the same: 240/208 V AC, 60 Hz, 30 amp circuit.
  • Dependent on location of the original electrical supply outlet, it may or may not need to be moved to accommodate the new unit.
  • A 4' conduit supplied with the unit stays the same.


Refer to the Wolf Design Guide for additional design specifications.

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