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Gas Oven Burner Noise during Use


  • Why does a Gas Range make a whooshing or poofing sound while in use?
  • Bake or broil element makes reignition noise during use
  • Is it normal for R and GR Series Gas Ranges to make a whooshing sound or hear reignition while in use?
  • How much time should elapse between reignition on a Gas Range?
  • When a gas burner is extinguished, does it make a poof, pop, or banging noise?


It is possible to hear a whooshing or poofing sound from any type of gas burners when the burner ignites on start-up and reignites during use.

  • A similar poof or popping noise is also audible when the burner flame is extinguished.
  • Burners also make a constant humming sound when in use as gas flows to the burner.
  • This is considered normal operation.
  • There is no set time between reignition.

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If reignition times have shortened considerably, or if there is concern about unit operation, contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for inspection.


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