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Gas Range Moisture or Condensation


  • Why would condensation or moisture form inside of, outside of, or on the backsplash of a Gas Range when the oven is in use?
  • Why is moisture, condensation, or sweating forming inside the oven cavity, on the door, on the glass, or on the backsplash of a Gas Range?
  • Why is the oven interior, door, glass, or backsplash sweating?
  • Interior or exterior of gas oven is wet
  • How to prevent moisture or condensation on a Gas Range?
  • Excessive moisture during preheat
  • Can a custom piece be used and attached to the back of the riser directing air forward; if so, what is the best angle?
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When gas is combusted, the two main byproducts produced are carbon dioxide and water. LP gas produces a little more water per gas molecule than natural gas does.

Condensation forming inside a Gas Range, on the bullnose, or on the backsplash behind the range can also be due to high moisture content within the food being cooked.

  • Running a ventilation exhaust hood when using the oven may reduce condensation.
  • Certain building materials may be more prone to condensation buildup, due to oven's exhaust heat or moisture content.
    • Refer to the builder or designer for additional information regarding building material.
    • In some limited cases, the material will form moisture or condensation regardless of food being cooked or ventilation considerations.
  • Wolf does not offer a deflector, nor recommend pushing vented air away from the back wall. The oven flue is designed to allow hot air to rise, changing the airflow may impact product performance.
  • Condensation forming on the outer door panel or glass of a Gas Range is most likely due to the cold metal of door heating as the oven preheats.
    • Condensation may appear during preheat but should dissipate once the oven reaches the setpoint.
    • Condensation may be more visible depending on ambient room temperatures.

If condensation is excessive, service is necessary to expertly diagnose and repair the product. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.


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