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Penny Brite


  • How is Penny Brite used?
  • Can Penny Brite be used on platinum or carbon stainless?
  • Will Penny Brite remove burn marks, heat stains, or fine scratches from stainless steel surfaces, including risers and backsplashes?


Penny Brite Recommendations

Penny Brite Copper Cleaner is suggested to remove fine scratches (rub only with the grain) on stainless steel in small areas and to remove scorch marks or heat stains on stainless steel.

  • Do not use Penny Brite on carbon or platinum stainless steel models, as it will remove the finish.
    • Platinum models have a "P" near the end of the model number.
    • Carbon models have a "B" near the end of the model number.
  • Penny Brite will also remove the finish on Dual Fuel and Gas Range pan extrusions. Pan extrusions are long black strips of material that separate burner pans from side panels, charbroilers, griddles, or French tops.
  • Use Penny Brite for Wolf products only, Sub-Zero and Cove do not recommend using Penny Brite.

Penny Brite can be used either as a paste or a gel.

Penny Brite Information

Penny Brite is manufactured by EZ Brite Brands, Inc.

EZ Brite Brands
P.O. Box 40025C
Cleveland, OH 44140

Phone: 440-871-7817
Fax: 440-871-7786
Email: [email protected]

Penny Brite Alternatives

  • EZ Brite is a product made by the same company. EZ Brite does not work as well to clean scorch marks or remove fine scratches from stainless steel according to Wolf’s testing.

See also, Wolf Cleaning Guide.


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