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R Gas Range and RT Gas Rangetop Wok and S-Grate Pads


  • Are the foot pads replaceable on R Series Gas Range and RT Series Gas Rangetop wok and S-grates?
  • Pads fell off of S-grate or wok grate
  • Will replacing the pads on the wok grate resolve a wobbling issue?
  • What is the serial number break for the Wok Grate Kit for the Gas Range and Gas Rangetop?
  • How to prevent grate pad damage


R Gas Range and RT Gas Rangetop Wok or S-grate foot pads can not be replaced.

  • Replace the grate if the foot pads are damaged, melted or no longer stay on the grate.
  • Wok grates have pads that are not replaceable. Replace the wok grate if the foot pads are damaged.
  • To prevent pad damage, only use pots and pans that are the same size as or smaller than the burner grate since using oversized pots and pans can trap heat and lead to premature grate pad failure.
  • See also, Regular Burner Grate Information.
Replacement Grate DescriptionIncludesPart #
S-Grate Kit1 front s-grate
1 rear s-grate
Rear S-Grate1 rear s-grate816425
Front S-Grate1 front s-grate816361
R Gas Range and RT Gas Rangetop Wok Grate Kit
(for 3-hole pressed top starting with serial # 11065763)*
1 wok grate801669

*Prior to serial # 11065763, also order pressed steel top part # 815578. Original pressed steel top has 2 holes.

Contact a Factory Certified Parts Distributor to order replacement parts.


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