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Wolf Hood to Blower Compatibility Guide


  • Can this blower be used with this hood?
  • Does this blower need an adapter plate to use with this hood?
  • Is the blower power cord replaceable on this blower?
  • What is the adapter plate blower power cord part number?
  • Is an adapter plate blower required?
  • What is the part number for the blower power cord?


It is possible to use the 1100 CFM inline blower with the 48" low profile hood, PLXX2210, but not recommended.

  • Due to restrictions of the low profile hood, the blower will not work to the full 1100 CFM performance. It may not perform much better than the 600 CFM blower.
  • There would also be a possibility of noise issues with using the larger blower.

Using a blower that is smaller than the recommended CFM is possible, but not recommended.

  • A smaller CFM blower may be desirable if noise considerations are a concern, but will not provide satisfactory ventilation performance.
  • Cooking style, cooktop configuration, hood size, duct size and length, and blower size all need to be taken into account to achieve proper ventilation.

The internal blower is normally the most efficient, as it is the closest to the cooking surface. However, most times the noise increase from an internal blower is less desirable in a kitchen.

  • 9" Downdraft and CTEWH models have separate models configured for internal blower use or inline and remote blower use.
  • Internal blower models have the letter I in the model number to signify use with an internal blower (DDxxI or CTEWHxxI).
  • It is not possible to convert an internal blower model to use an in-line or remote blower, and vice versa. Refer to Downdraft or Low Profile Cooktop Hood Internal to Remote Blower Conversion for more information.
  • As long as the remote blower duct length follows recommendations and does not exceed suggested length, it will be plenty efficient for the cooking product.

Refer to the Blower Motor Compatibility Chart for more information.


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