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9" Rise Downdraft Control (RJ45)


  • What are the dimensions of the Downdraft control module; how long are the threaded studs on the underside of a downdraft control?
  • Where should the mounting holes be drilled for the remote-mounted control module for the cooktop downdraft?
  • How to install the RJ45 style control for a downdraft
  • Instruction sheet 99043944
  • Part number 809625, 809626, 809627, 809628, 809629, 809630
  • List of components included


The remote-mounted control module for the 9" Rise Downdraft is 2 3/8" x 6 5/8".
  • The control module can be positioned horizontally or vertically and located anywhere within 10' of the downdraft assembly and a minimum of 4" from the outer edge of any element or burner.
    • A 1" diameter hole for the RJ45 connector cable will be centered horizontally and vertically on the back of the control module.
    • Two 1/4" diameter holes for the mounting screws will be located 2" from the center of the RJ45 connector cable hole.
  • The length of the two threaded studs that are affixed to the bottom of the Downdraft control panel and hold the control in place is 1 5/16", and the stud is approximately 3/16" diameter.
  • Do not position the control module where it will be in the way of cooking, where hot pans may be placed or where hot liquids could be spilled on the controls.
For additional information, refer to 9" Rise Cooktop Downdraft (DD) Installation Guide.


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