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Wolf M Series Oven Convection Fan Sound


  • M Series Oven fan operation
  • What is Dual Verti Cross convection?
  • Fan noise in Dual VertiCross™ convection oven
  • VertiCross convection description
  • M Series Oven convection fan noise
  • M Series Wall Oven cooling fan noise


M Series Ovens have a different fan sound than previous models. This noise is normal.

  • While conventional convection fans make an airy whirring sound, the Dual VertiCross columnar fans produce more of a high-tech hum.
  • As products change and technology advances, noticeable differences, like different sounds, may occur.

To determine the source of fan noise:

  1. Preheat oven to 450°F in Convection Mode.
  2. Wait for the cooling fan to change to high speed (approximately 425°F).
  3. Open the oven door.

For information about other products, refer to Oven Fan Noise.


M Series Ovens provide the precise control of heat, airflow, and temperature to help deliver consistently delicious results in baking, roasting, and broiling.

  • Dual VertiCrossTM convection, unique to the M Series line and the industry, provides the most consistent cooking results of any oven through:
    • Two high-speed, columnar, vertical blower fans and reconfigured heating elements cover the entire oven base to produce uniform heat and airflow throughout the oven cavity, eliminating any cool spots as heat fully saturates entire space.
    • Columns of airflow, which allow for better multi-rack cooking.
    • Relocating the vertical fans to the back corners of the oven, which allows for a curved back wall of the cavity, creating more usable space within the oven.
    • Fans are in both ovens of a double oven.
  • Quicker preheat is achieved due to this new convection system and reconfigured bake, broil, and convection heating elements.
      • Convection fans run during preheat, even if a regular non-convection Bake Mode is used.
      • This speeds up the preheat time and provides better oven cavity heat saturation.

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