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Cynthia Pedrosa

Pedrosa and Pedrosa Arquitetos Associados


    • Q&A with Cynthia Pedrosa

      Where do you find design inspiration?
      I find inspiration viewing the magnificent and timeless structures and interiors that exist throughout the world. Having lived in Brazil, Italy, France and the United States, I am always amazed to see that each culture embodies striking distinctive elements, but also basic elements of beauty and warmth that are shared by all.

      How do you approach the design process?
      I try to get to know my clients's personalities and lifestyle, to learn what they desire from their future home. Then I draw by hand many sketches and renderings, a method that says to them, "This is what I envision for you, but I want you to collaborate with me". Drawings present to the client a feeling of flexibility that computer renderings cannot at this stage.

      How does your aesthetic stand out amongst other designers/architects?
      I take pleasure in combining both the old and the new. The work done by classic architects and designers is as exciting to me as when it was first created. When combined with many of the fantastic new elements of modern design, the result can be a living environment that surrounds us with the best of both worlds.

      What is the greatest value you provide your client?
      I offer a lifetime of experience combined with a passion that makes me design each home as if it were my own, though always considering the vision and needs of the client. Knowing how to strike this balance is always one of my main considerations when designing a home for a client.

      What are some of the current design trends?
      More automated appliances, more eco-friendly design, greater practicality combined with uncluttered spaces, flexible opening to the kitchen, and greater attention to seating space. As the old adage goes, "The party always ends in the kitchen."

      Where do you see kitchen design going in the next 5 years?
      On a global basis, I think cooking has become an even greater source of entertainment and sharing between family and friends. In the coming years, instead of separate gourmet kitchens, I think we will see kitchens become more beautiful and even more integrated with living areas, regardless of the size or budget of the project.

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