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Wolf 30" M Series Contemporary Handleless Steam Oven (CSO3050CM/B)

30" M Series Contemporary Handleless Convection Steam Oven

Model # CSO3050CM/B

MSRP $7,945

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Wolf 30" M Series Contemporary Handleless Convection Steam Oven CSO3050CM/B
CSO3050 CSOP3050
CSO3050 CSOP3050



  • The elegant, modern aesthetics pair perfectly with a full suite of similarly styled Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances.
  • Contemporary styling features a completely handleless look that incorporates a motorized door system.
  • Plumbed and non-plumbed options for maximum installation flexibility.
  • Full-color touchscreen simplifies use
  • Save up to 50 personalized favorite recipe presets.
  • Cooking modes include Steam, Convection, Broil, Slow Roast
  • 1750-Watt recessed broil element.
  • 2.4 cubic-foot oven cavity allows multiple dishes to be placed side by side at once.
  • 1889-Watt dual convection system ensures even, multi-rack baking and consistent results.
  • Three full-extension rack positions and one standard position allow easy access and increased cooking flexibility.
  • 40-fluid ounce (1.2-liter) tank holds enough water for 2-hours of uninterrupted steam cooking.
  • The temperature probe alerts you when your dish has reached the desired temperature
  • CSO3050CM/B $7,945

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MSRP Listed. Local pricing may vary.
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  • 3 full-extension rack positions and one standard position
  • 1 standard rack, 1 perforated pan, 1 solid pan, 1 broiler pan with rack
  • Temperature probe
  • 3 LED lights
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese
  • overall-dimensions-w-h-d
  • oven-interior-dimensions-w-h-d
  • usable-capacity 1.8 cubic feet
  • overall-capacity 2.4 cubic feet
  • door-clearance 14 3/16"
  • conduit-length 4 Feet

Why Wolf?

Steam, a delicious, secret ingredient

Steam, a Delicious Secret Ingredient

'Miraculous' is a word that comes to mind when cooking with steam. When combined with convection, steam helps to make roast turkeys juicier, vegetables tastier, and homemade breads crusty on the outside and heavenly within. Wolf's unique digital technology senses the amount and size of foods, adjusts as necessary, and cooks dishes to delicious perfection.

Gourmet chef assistance

Gourmet Mode Thinks For You

Once your oven knows what's inside – a soufflé, a crown roast, a few sweet potatoes – our climate sensor takes over. It detects the volume, shape and consistency of these dishes then adjusts the time, temperature and humidity for guesswork-free delicious results, every time.

Large, easy-access tank

Large, Easy-Access Water Tank

The oven's large water tank provides 2-hours of continuous steam cooking. Thoughtfully designed, it can be refilled when needed without opening the oven door and interrupting the cooking process.

Large capacity

Greater Capacity

A 30% larger interior, now 2.4 cubic feet, makes this our most spacious convection steam oven yet. The wider oven cavity allows for multiple dishes to be placed side by side at once for greater cooking capcity, and the dual convection system ensures even, consistent results.

Worry-free warranty

Worry-Free Warranty

Wolf offers an industry-leading full two-year warranty on appliances, along with a limited five-year warranty. Learn More.

Rigorous testing


Built with premium-grade materials, Wolf products are designed to last a minimum of 20 years. Major components are subjected to extreme stress tests prior to going into the final design, and every major function is tested before shipping.

Envision the possibilities

Wolf 30" M Series Contemporary Handleless Steam Oven (CSO3050CM/B) displayed in matte brown custom cabinetry
Wolf Contemporary Steam Oven (CSO3050CM) set over a Wolf Contemporary Single Oven (SO30CM) in midnight blue arched cabinets
 CI36560C/B   CSO3050CM/B   CSO30CM/B   CSOP3050CM/B   DEC2450W   ICBCI36560C/B   ICBCSO3050CM/B

Pro tips

Considerations before you finalize your decision:

  • Pre-plan important design elements you might like, for example, flush vs. standard installation changes the cutout dimensions and necessary supports

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Easily prepare for sous vide cooking, portion and preserve frozen foods, reseal opened wine bottles, and infuse flavors into every bite.

Certified installation

Earn an extra full year of warranty coverage and ensure a flawless fit with Factory Certified Installation.