Microwave Noises, Odors, Sparks, Smoke, or Arcing


  • Issue with use and care
  • Internal wiring
  • Wave guide cover
  • Turn table coupling
  • Magnetron tube


  • There is a burning smell coming from the microwave. What is causing this smell?
  • The microwave makes a high pitched noise or grinding sound when in use
  • Squeaking when turntable rotates
  • The microwave sparks when in use
  • The microwave is arcing
  • Smoke coming from microwave when in use

Steps to Verify Issue:

  1. Confirm that turntable is properly installed on the rollers.
    • It is normal for food or cookware to vibrate during cooking.
  2. If a strong odor is sensed from the microwave, verify that the odor is not related to food splatter or cleaning.
  3. Once arcing has been noticed or heard, turn the microwave off immediately.
    • Prolonged arcing can damage the oven and/or the cookware. If caught soon enough, arcing should not damage the oven.
    • Arcing is sparks inside the microwave oven caused when microwaves connect two metal surfaces with the same microwave.
    • This can be from gold paint on dishes, twist ties, and other metallic materials.
    • Some foods, such as raw carrots and hot dogs, can cause arcing while being microwaved.
      • In carrots, it can be due to the minerals in the soil in which they were grown.
      • In hot dogs, it can be due to the uneven mixing of salts and additives.
  4. If smoke is coming from the microwave, turn the unit off and turn off the circuit breaker for the unit.
    • Leave the product off at the power supply and contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.
    • Wait for smoke to clear before attempting to remove food from the microwave.
    • Remove the material, cookware, or food from the microwave, and either substitute a microwave-safe dish or cook the food by other methods.
    • If flames are present, follow the same troubleshooting.
  5. No further troubleshooting advice is available. Discontinue use of the unit and contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


A burning odor, continuous sparks, smoke, or unusual noises from a microwave are not normal. No troubleshooting advice is available.

Discontinue use of the unit and contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

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