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Sub-Zero Classic Series (BI) Over and Under Model Freezer Light Bulb Removal


  • How to access the freezer light bulb in a BI-30, BI-36, or BI-42UFD over-under unit
  • Remove freezer section light bulb in BI-30U, BI-36U, BI-36UFD, and BI-42UFD
  • How do you remove the upper freezer basket and freezer light diffuser to access the light bulb in a BI-30U, BI-36U, BI-36UFD, and BI-42UFD?


In Classic (BI) Over-and-Under products, the lighting assembly is behind the light diffuser at the top of the freezer compartment.

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To purchase a new light bulb:

The freezer light bulb can be purchased using part number 7040396.

To remove the light bulb:

  1. Remove top freezer basket by pulling the upper basket forward until it stops.
  2. Lift the front of basket up slightly, then push the upper basket slides back to disengage slide hooks from the slots at rear of basket assembly.
  3. Continue pulling the basket forward while lifting it up off the slides.
  4. Remove the freezer light diffuser as shown below, which is held in place in the ceiling of the freezer with diffuser retainers. Squeeze the diffuser at the middle so the edges disengage from the diffuser retainers, and pull the diffuser from the compartment ceiling.
    • Remove the top freezer basket fully for easier access to the diffuser.
    • Remove food from the lower freezer drawer, if necessary.
  5. Turn the bulb counterclockwise to remove.

To install the new light bulb:


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