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Sub-Zero Refrigerator or Freezer Light Switch Replacement


  • Refrigerator or freezer lights do not work
  • Lights will not turn on
  • Light terminator shut lights off
  • Lights only work if light switch is wiggled, flicked, moved
  • All light bulbs replaced and the lights still do not work
  • How to replace light switch, part number 7014646, 7004257, 7007259
  • Function of the switch next to the light switch
  • How many light switches are in the unit?


For initial troubleshooting before replacing a light switch, refer to:

    Switch Replacement

    Designer Series, Designer Wine Storage, PRO Series, and Undercounter Series units all require service to replace the light switch. 

    Other models, including Classic (BI) Series units, can sometimes be repaired without a technician.

    • Side-by-Side units have light switches that are easy to replace without a service technician. Refer to the table below for part numbers and instruction sheets.
    • Over/Under unit refrigerator switches are easy to repair. However, the freezer light switch requires service to replace. See also, Over/Under Unit Freezer Light Switch Location.

    See also:

    Tips to Replace a Light Switch

    See light switch instructions by model below.

    • Light switch instructions do not come with light switches when shipped.
    • The switch is above the unit behind the grille on the 500 and 600 Series models.
    • Tools required are a Phillips head screw driver, T-20 Torx head screw driver, and pliers.
    • The outer grille frame may need to be removed for complete access to switches. See also, 500 and 600 Series Grille Removal and Installation.
    • Make sure there is no power to the unit by turning off the circuit breaker.
    • The switch wires may be very tight depending on the age of the unit. Firmly pulling the wires by hand should remove them from the light switch.
      • If necessary, carefully pull at the base of the wire with a needle-nose pliers to remove the wire from the light switch.

    If the lights do not work after replacing the bulbs and the switch, service is needed to expertly diagnose and repair the product. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

    Genuine Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove parts are available by calling the Factory Certified Parts Distributor in your area. Use Locator to find the Parts Distributor for your area.


    Light Switch
    Part Number*
    Classic (BI) Series 7007259 Classic Series Light Switch Replacement
    Designer Refrigeration (IT, IC, ID) Series N/A Must be replaced by FCS
    Designer Wine (IW) Series N/A Must be replaced by FCS
    Professional Refrigeration (PRO 48, PRO 36) N/A Must be replaced by FCS
    648PRO Refrigeration Series N/A Must be replaced by FCS
    UC Undercounter Series N/A Must be replaced by FCS
    700 Series Upper Cabinet and IC-27 Models 7004257 700 Series Light Switch Instructions
    700 Series Drawers N/A Must be replaced by FCS
    600 Series (excluding 601) 7014646 600 Series Light Switch Instructions and
    500 Series (excluding 501) 7014646 Light Switch Instructions and
    501 and 601 Models 7004257 501 and 601 Models
    See also, 501 and 601 Series Grille Removal
    424, 427 Models 7004257 7004257 -  Light Switch Instructions
    200 / 300 Series 7014646


    7004257 - Light Switch Instructions

    *The part number is the same for both the refrigerator and freezer switches.

    If these steps do not resolve the issue, no further troubleshooting advice is available. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.


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