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Sub-Zero Interior Lights Turned Off


  • No lights or lights not working in the refrigerator or freezer
  • Door ajar or left open and the lights turned off
  • Lights turn off while product was being cleaned or loaded with food
  • Lights went out or do not turn on


If the lights are out inside a refrigeration product, use the following steps to try resolving the issue before calling for service.

Power Issues

  1. Verify the unit is turned on and power is going to the product.
  2. If accessible, confirm the product is plugged into the electrical outlet. For models with a grille at the top, removing or flipping the grille up may provide access to the power outlet.
  3. Turn the home circuit breaker to the unit off for 30 seconds then back on again. Retest the unit operation.

Control Issues

  1. If temperatures are faint on the display, the unit may be in Sabbath Mode. See Sabbath Mode Information for instructions on exiting Sabbath Mode.
  2. If the door is open for a long time, the light terminator feature can turn off the lights. See Light Terminators for steps to reset.

Switch Issues

  1. For Classic Refrigeration (BI), 600, 500 Series products, wiggle the light switch back and forth and push in and out to make sure it is not stuck.
    • In all models except 501 and 601, the light switch is mounted to the top mainframe.
    • In models 501 and 601, the switch is mounted to the bottom mainframe above the unit grille.
    • Classic Refrigeration single door models have one switch; two-door models have two switches.
    • If there are two switches, the light switch is the left-most switch.

      Classic (formerly Built-In) Light Switch Location
  2. If the switch is stuck, replace it. Do not use lubricant on a stuck switch.
  3. For freezer sections, the light switch may be frozen. Defrost the unit if possible. See Manually Defrost a Sub-Zero for instructions.
  4. If lights still do not turn on, replace the light switch. See Refrigerator or Freezer Light Switch Information for part numbers, switch locations, and replacement instructions.

    Switch Type

    Who Can Replace the Switch?

    Refrigerator light switch in:

    • Classic Series
    • 600 Series
    • 500 Series
    • 200/300 Series


    Freezer light switch in Side-by-side productsCustomer

    Freezer light switch in an over-and-under product

    Factory Certified Service

    Refrigerator or freezer light switches in:

    • Designer Series
    • 700 Series prior to serial number 1648879
    Factory Certified Service

  5. Replace the light bulb. See Sub-Zero Light Bulbs for part information and instructions.
  6. If the lights still do not work after completing the steps above, no further troubleshooting advice is available. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

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