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Sub-Zero 500 Series Light Bulb Replacement and Light Diffuser Removal


  • How to access the light bulbs in a 500 Series Sub-Zero
  • How to remove the light diffuser, light shield, or light guard on a 500 Series refrigerator
  • Instructions for removing 500 Series light diffuser
  • Change temperature dial bulb
  • Change control lighting


Purchase Light Bulbs

For light bulb part numbers and ordering information, refer to 500 and 600 Series Refrigerator Light Bulbs.

Replace Light Bulbs

Replacement instructions vary by model and lighting location.

Upper Light Diffuser

To remove the light diffuser on a 500 Series Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer compartment:

  1. Place your hands on the back edge of the shield and pull towards you to release, as shown below. This shield may have a snug fit.
  2. Drop the front edge of the shield out of the channel and remove. The bulbs are now accessible.

To install the light diffuser:

  1. Push the front edge of the shield into channel.
  2. Push the back edge up into position.

511 and 550 Model Freezer Light Bulb
The light bulb in the freezer compartment of models 511 and 550 is at the top front of the freezer. There is no light diffuser. The bulb is exposed. To see the bulb, use a small mirror to identify the bulb location.

532, 542, and 561 Freezer Basket Lighting

Below the ice maker, mounted on the back wall of the freezer, is the lower freezer lighting.

To remove the light shield and access the bulb:

  1. Gently compress the shield to release the top and then the bottom as shown below.
  2. To install, engage the bottom first, then compress and insert the top.

Temperature Control Dial Light Bulb
Factory Certified Service is recommended to replace the bulbs on a temperature or control dial. The bulb itself is easy to change, but getting to the bulb requires partial disassembly of panels and shrouds, depending on the model configuration.

Genuine Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove parts are available by calling the Factory Certified Parts Distributor in your area.


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