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Sub-Zero 700 Series Light Bulbs


  • Where to purchase replacement light bulbs for 700 Series
  • How long do light bulbs last in 700 Series IC-27 models?
  • What size is the light bulb?
  • Can blue or LED light bulbs be used as a replacement bulbs in older models?
  • How to replace light bulbs for 700 Designer units


Bulb Information

700 Series Tall upper compartment and Column models use standard 40-watt appliance bulbs for cabinet lighting.

  • Freezer drawers and all Drawer models use standard 25-watt appliance bulbs.
  • 700 Series products do not use LED style lights as the main light source. LED bulbs may be used as replacements, if desired.
  • Standard appliance bulbs can be used in place of the blue tinted bulbs.
  • Alternate bulbs need a T10, medium base, 40-watt appliance bulb.
  • Standard 40-watt appliance bulbs that fit these specifications tend to be yellowish.

If new light bulbs do not illuminate, or only work intermittently, a new light switch may be needed. See also:

For information about other models, refer to Sub-Zero Light Bulbs.

To Order Replacement Bulbs:

The replacement light bulb needed varies by model and serial number.

  • Contact a Factory Certified Parts Distributor to order parts. Light bulbs are not available for purchase online.
  • Refer to the table below for part numbers.
  • Bulbs may be available locally using the bulb specifications if the part is no longer available.

To Replace the Light Bulbs:

  1. Place hands under the light shield and release the two clips on the back.
  2. Lift up and slide back slowly until the key slots on the side of the light shield drop past the mounting studs in the side walls.
  3. Remove the light shield. The bulbs are now accessible.
  4. Replace the bulbs and reposition the light shield.

Each drawer compartment has a standard 25-watt appliance bulb recessed into the top of the compartment. Drawer lighting uses a standard 25-watt appliance bulb recessed into the top of the compartment. To replace the light bulb:

  1. Pull the drawer out to its full extension or remove the drawer completely.
  2. Replace the bulb and follow the reverse steps to install the drawer.

Crisper drawer lighting for model IC-27R is found behind the upper crisper drawer and mounted to the back wall of the refrigerator. To remove the light shield:

  1. Remove the crisper drawer.
  2. Remove the upper crisper shelf.
  3. Place both hands under the bottom right and left sides of the light shield and push upward.

Replacing the halogen light bulb in early model 700 Tall units, prior to serial (PTS) 1755730, required removing the control panel.

  1. Hold the edges of the control panel and pull down. Two tabs on each corner will release, enabling the panel to drop down.
  2. Using a soft cloth or wearing protective gloves, hold the bulb firmly and pull straight up.
  3. Reverse steps to replace the control panel.

Use the table to determine which bulb to use:

UnitUpper Compartment
Bulb Part Number
(# of bulbs)
Upper Drawer
Bulb Part Number
(# of bulbs)
Lower Drawer
Bulb Part Number
(# of bulbs)
Prior to Serial (PTS) 1755730

7021080 (4)

No Longer Available

7016030 (1)7016030 (1)
PTS 1755730
(0)7016030 (1)7016030 (1)
700TCI/TR/TF(I)-2, -3
PTS 3151471
7014658 (4)7014674 (1)7014674 (1)
700TC/TR/TF(I)-2, -3
Starting with Serial (SWS) 3151471
7006999 (4)7019206 (1)7019206 (1)
700BR/BF(I)/BC(I)-2, -3
PTS 3151471
(0)7014674 (1)7014674 (1)
700BR/BF(I)/BC(I)-2, -3
SWS 3151471
(0)7019206 (1)7019206 (1)
PTS 2974500
7014658 (4)7014674 (1)7014674 (1)
SWS 2974500
7006999 (4)7019206 (1)7019206 (1)

Bulb Specification Information:

Type of BulbPart #Bulb Details


Part is no longer available, but a bulb with the same specifications may be available at a local hardware store.

Bulb type: T3, Sylvania, 1/4 Halogen Lamp Wedge Base
Base: Wedge
Wattage: 35W
Voltage: 12V

7016030Bulb type: T3, Halogen
Base: G4
Wattage: 20W
Voltage: 12V
Standard 40W7014658 
25W Clear7014674, 7019206

Bulb type: GE: T7, SYLVANIA: 25T8N
Wattage: 25W.
Voltage: 120V
Lumens: GE: 195, SYLVANIA: 230
Average life: 1000 HRS

Blue glass lamp7006999 

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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