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Speed Oven First Time Use Burn-In Process


  • Procedure for preparing the Speed Oven (SPO) for first use
  • What needs to be done before a SPO is used for the first time?
  • SPO prior to first time use procedure
  • SPO burn-in process


To ensure all residual oil from the manufacturing process has been removed, each oven must go through the following procedure:

  1. Clean the oven thoroughly with hot water and a mild detergent. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.
  2. Turn on kitchen ventilation. Some smoke and odor is normal.
  3. Set the oven to Convection at 450°F (230°C) and allow the oven to heat for 30 minutes.
  4. Set the oven to Broil for an additional 30 minutes.
  5. Turn the oven off and allow it to cool with the door closed.
  6. If minor dark spots to appear after the burn-in process, Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner is recommended to remove them. 

Refer to the Wolf Cleaning Guide and product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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