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Replace Sub-Zero Model 3211 with Classic Series Model BI-48S or BI-48SID


  • Are the panels, opening size, electrical requirements, and water location the same for model 3211 and Classic series (BI) model BI-48S or BI-48SID?
  • Will panels transfer from an old unit to a new unit?
  • 3211 compatibility
  • Can panels be reused on a new unit?



Opening SizeElectrical RequirementsWater RequirementsItems to Verify

No change.

The existing electrical location for the 3211 is in a different location than suggested for model BI-48S or BI-48SID.

The water line location is in the same location for both models.

Verify door clearance for units installed near an island.


The panels from model 3211 will fit model BI-48S or BI-48SID with the purchase of a retrofit kit, grille, and handle.

  • Retrofit kit, part number 7005226.
  • Louvered grille, part number 7014852.
  • Framed handles, part number 7014890 (or an extended handle set, part number 7003465).
    • A new handle is needed because the handle is longer so the drill holes will not line up.
  • See Sub-Zero Classic Series Framed Retrofit Kits for more information.
  • A new reduced height or extended grille will be needed, if used. See Sub-Zero Classic Series Grille Height Options.
  • Custom grille panels cannot be reused.
  • Side panels cannot be reused as they attach in a different place than the old side panels.

BI-48S and BI-48SID Sales Accessories

Refer to the Sub-Zero Design Guide for design specifications and the product Installation Guide for further installation information.


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