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Sub-Zero Classic Series (BI) Framed Retrofit Kits


  • Classic Series (BI) framed door panel retro-fit kit for side-by-side and over/under models
  • Full-length standard or extended handles for a BI unit when using a framed retrofit panel kit
  • Does the louvered grille insert need to be purchased for Classic unit when using a framed retrofit panel kit?
  • Installing a framed retrofit panel kit on a BI side-by-side and over/under unit
  • Part number 7005226, 7005227, 7005228, 7005229, 7005230
  • Instruction sheet 7004561, 7007803


Side-by-Side Framed Retrofit Kit

ModelFramed Retrofit Kit Part Number

*Not for use with dispenser models.

The framed retrofit panel kit for Classic side-by-side models includes:


Over Under Framed Retrofit Kit

ModelFramed Retrofit Kit Part Number

The framed retrofit panel kit for Classic Over/Under models includes:

  • 1 refrigerator door hinge-side trim filler
  • 1 refrigerator door handle-side trim filler
  • 1 refrigerator door bottom trim filler
  • 2 freezer drawer side trim fillers
  • 1 freezer drawer bottom trim filler
  • Instruction sheet (part number 7007803)
  • Classic Framed Over/Under Retrofit Panel Kit Installation Instructions (Note: The instructions are the same for reusing 500 Series and 600 Series panels.)

Framed retrofit kits are stainless steel finish. Order a full-length standard handle set (qty 2) for the existing panels to work with the framed retrofit kit.

  • The wider vertical piece belongs on the hinge side.
  • Use the full-length standard handle set if the framed panel is a flat 1/4" thick panel.
  • Use the full-length extended handle set (qty 2) if the framed panel is raised or thicker than 1/4" in the center of the panel.
  • Refer to the Sub-Zero Design Guide for more information on:
    • A flat 1/4" thick panel compared to a thicker routed panel.
    • The full-scale template of the full-length standard handle compared to the full-length extended handle.
  • The louvered grille insert will need to be purchased due to any previous decorative framed grille panel on an earlier Sub-Zero series not being able to be installed on to the current Classic models.
  • Louvered grille inserts are available for standard 84" finished height, 83" reduced height, and 88" extended height applications.
  • To remake a framed grille panel, the panel dimensions can be found in the Sub-Zero Design Guide.
  • It is possible to reuse a stainless steel panel with the retrofit kit, but the look is less desirable. A new stainless steel panel is recommended.

There is no retrofit kit for all freezer or all refrigerator models.

  • The BI-36F and BI-36R are 11" taller than the 501 and 601 models.

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