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CG Gas Cooktop Knobs


  • What knobs are shipped with the CG Gas Cooktop?
  • What color options are available for the knobs on a CG304 or CG365?
  • Is there an additional charge if I want to change the knob color?
  • Can red knobs be used on Transitional Gas Cooktops?
  • Are CG30 and CG36 knobs interchangeable?
  • Part numbers 823090, 823051, 823083, 823104, 824480, 824481, 824482, 824483, 824486, 824487, 824488, 824489, 824977, 824978, 826985, 826986, 827012, 827013, 827014


    Order Replacement Knobs

    If replacement knobs are needed, parts are available by calling the Factory Certified Parts Distributor in your area. Knobs are not available for purchase online. Use Locator to find the Parts Distributor for your area.

    For installation information, including dimensions for knob placement, refer to the Wolf Design Guide.

    ModelPart DescriptionPart Number
    CG304TTwo-Tone Control Knob823090
    CG365TTwo-Tone Control Knob823051
    CG304PRed Knob823104
    Red Knob Kit824977
    Black Knob Kit824480
    Stainless Knob Kit824482
    CG365PRed Knob823083
    Red Knob Kit824978
    Black Knob Kit824481
    Stainless Knob Kit824483
    CG365CRed Knob Kit827012
    Black Knob Kit827014
    Stainless Knob Kit827013

    Knob Information

    Transitional, Professional, and Contemporary Gas Cooktop knobs are not interchangeable.

    • CG30 and CG36 knobs are not interchangeable. The knobs fit but do not match up for settings.
    • CG Gas Cooktop knobs are not interchangeable with any other Wolf products.
    • Pull straight up to remove knobs.

    CG Gas Cooktops have the following knob options:

    StyleModelsStandard KnobsKnob Options

    CG304T/S CG365T/S

    • Units ship with 2-tone black and stainless knobs.
    • No alternate knob styles available.
    ProfessionalCG304P/S CG365P/S
    • Ships with red knobs.
    • Black and stainless steel knobs available.
    • Specify knob style when ordering.
    • One set of black or stainless steel knobs offered at no charge with product purchase.
    • Select signature Wolf red with brushed stainless steel bezel for a similar look to Dual Fuel and GR Gas Ranges.
    • Black and stainless steel knobs are not available separately and must be ordered as a set.
    • Ships with black knobs.
    • Red and stainless steel knobs available.
    • One set of red or stainless knobs offered at no charge with product purchase.
    • Specify knob style when ordering.

    Additional Information:

    For information on CT Gas Cooktop knobs, see CT Gas Cooktop Knobs.

    For information on the Contemporary Cooktop knobs, refer to CG Contemporary Gas Cooktop Installation Template.


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