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Convection Steam Oven (Touch Control) More Modes


  • Convection Steam Oven (CSO) with touch control more cooking modes
  • Options when pressing MORE key
  • CSO More cooking modes


  1. Touch MORE to access additional Gourmet items and cooking modes.
  2. Use the arrows to choose the option you want and touch ENTER.




Allows the user to store individual cooking modes and temperatures or cooking sequences used to prepare custom foods. Up to 24 different user recipes can be stored in the system for easy access.

More Gourmet

Use to prepare specified foods; fresh, refrigerated, or frozen. Select the food and desired doneness and the sensor adjusts time, temperature, and humidity so no instructions are required. Preset temperature and range are dependent on food and desired doneness.

Auto Steam Bake

By heating with steam first, then using convection heat to finish baking, baked goods acquire a tender interior and an exterior with natural shine, without the need for an egg wash. Use for bread, buns, cakes, and pastries whether fresh, parbaked, or frozen. Do not preheat.

Slow Roast

Use to keep meats tender by slow roasting. Insert temperature probe into the prepared meat, select a Slow Roast setting and completion time.

Auto Reheat

Reheat mode uses steam and hot air to rehydrate food gently. Use to reheat any food you would have reheated in the oven, range, or microwave.


Spa uses combinations of gentle convection and steam heat to warm towels, wraps, or stones for use in massages or relaxation.


Cleanse uses steam to clean baby bottles and canning jars and is faster and safer than conventional methods.

Keep Warm

Keep Warm uses a combination of convection and steam heat to keep foods warm.

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