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SO24 Built In Oven Cooking Modes


  • What modes are available on a 24" E Series Transitional Built In Oven (SO24)?
  • What does each cooking mode do?
  • What is the temperature range for each cooking mode on a SO24?


The SO24 Built In Oven has 10 different cooking modes.

  • Convection humid mode uses a flapper valve in the cavity to maintain the moisture in the cooking space.
  • The unit still takes in air through the small opening below the bottom of the door and vents out between the door and control panel to allow the unit to cool appropriately.
ModeTemperature RangeHeat Source
Bake85 - 575°FTop and Bottom Elements
Bake Humid85 - 575°FTop and Bottom Elements with oven ventilation sealed
Slow Cook85 - 485°FBottom Element
Convection85 - 485°FConvection
Convection Humid85 - 485°FConvection with oven ventilation sealed
Convection Bake85 - 485°FBottom Element and Convection
Broil85 - 575°FGrill Element
Convection Broil85 - 575°FGrill Element and Convection
GourmetVariesVaries by mode selection

Refer to the SO24 Built-In Oven Use and Care Guide for more information.


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