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Wolf Microwave Door Will Not Open or Close


  • MW24, MWC24, MS24, or MC24 door will not open or close
  • MDD Drop-Down Door Microwave will not open
  • Unable to open or close microwave door
  • Microwave door or drawer will not stay closed, stuck closed
  • Microwave door latch will not lock shut


  • Door latch
  • Door latch spring, catch, or switch
  • Installation issue (drawer or unit is not leveled properly)


If the unit is a new installation:

  1. Make sure the unit is installed properly and leveled. Refer to the product Installation Guide for further information.
  2. Verify nothing is blocking the door's path from closing properly.

Standard and Convection Microwaves:

For existing installations:

  • If door will not close:
    1. Make sure that the door latch, found on the inside of the door, is not locked in the up position. Gently press down on latch to unlock.
    2. Verify nothing is lodged inside of the door latch catch area. Remove blockage if present.
    3. Make sure the door switch is not pressed in.
  • If door will not open:
    1. Firmly push the door open pad while lifting up on the lower right corner of the door.
    2. This is a temporary solution to open the door as needed.
    3. This is not normal operation. If the door must be opened by lifting up on the corner every time, service is needed.

This information is for side swing door microwaves.

If the microwave door continues to not open or close correctly, service is necessary to expertly diagnose and repair the product. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.


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