Sub-Zero Door Easy to Open


  • Air leak
  • Cooling issue


  • Sub-Zero unit has lost some of its door suction, opens too easily
  • Sub-Zero door has no vacuum seal
  • Why did the door loose the vacuum seal?
  • Door no longer makes a vacuum or tight seal when closed
  • Door opens on its own
  • Door opens too easily

Steps to Verify Issue:

The loss of suction should not present an issue with the Sub-Zero, as long as there are no visible differences in the unit's performance, such as temperature change, condensation build-up, frost or ice build-up, service messages, or error codes.

  1. Verify power is turned on. The unit should be on 24 hours before product is stored in it.
  2. Verify Condenser Is Clean.
  3. Inspect door gasket for tears or ripples and replace if needed. See Sub-Zero Door Gasket Replacement.
  4. Make sure there is no interference with product holding the door open.
  5. Check the control setting for proper setpoints. See Temperature Settings for details.
  6. If a product is not installed properly, the door may not seal. Level the unit per installation instructions.
  7. If the unit shows no sign of Excessive Moisture or Warm Temperature Issues, the door gasket is working as expected and no repairs are available.
    • Undercounter Ice Makers do not create the same vacuum suction as refrigeration units, as the ice bin is not refrigerated.
    • Some door gaskets have stronger pull than others. This is a normal result of many variables, including:
      • Magnetism
      • Food load inside the unit
      • Ambient temperature
      • Drain pan water content
  8. If the door opens easily after gasket replacement, verify gasket was installed properly.
    • A new gasket needs time to form to the door.
    • As long as there are no temperature or moisture issues, the gasket is working as it should.
  9. If these steps do not resolve the issue, contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

See also, Sub-Zero Door Difficult to Open.

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