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Sub-Zero Classic Series (BI) Freezer Drawer Removal


  • How to remove and insert the freezer drawer in a Classic Series (BI)
  • How to remove the freezer baskets in a BI over-and-under
  • Can the entire freezer drawer on an over-and-under BI unit be removed?


Classic series (BI) drawer removal varies by model. Starting with serial number 4250000, drawers have tab releases along the front edge in the white part of the drawer. Press the tabs to remove the clear drawers.

To remove the drawer in the BI-36F and Side-by-Side model:

  1. Pull the drawer forward until the basket stops.
  2. Pull the two clips behind the bottom front two corners of the basket forward, then lift up and out.
  3. To install, push drawer slides in.
  4. Align the basket with the slides and push it back until it stops.
  5. Press down on the front of the basket to engage slides.
To remove for models BI-36S, BI-42S, BI-42SID, BI-42SD, BI-48S, BI-48SD, and BI-48SID, raise the basket and pull through the opening in the door liner after disengaging.
To remove the upper and lower freezer baskets in Classic Over-and-Under models (BI-36U, BI-30U, etc.):
  1. To install, insert the lower basket into the four corner retainers. See also, 600 and Classic Series Over Under Freezer Basket Retainers.
  2. Position the upper basket onto the side rails and slide it back until it clicks.
Note: Only the upper and lower baskets in an Over-and-Under model can be removed.
  • To remove the entire freezer drawer assembly, the drawer must be disassembled from the slides.
  • Sub-Zero recommends that a service technician disassemble the drawer if necessary.
For information on previous models, see also:

For custom panel dimensions and installation information, refer to the product Installation Guide.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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