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Sub-Zero 600 Series and Classic Series (BI) Over/Under Freezer Basket Retainers


  • Part number 7009399, 6151120
  • Lower freezer drawer basket has fallen off of drawer slides
  • Freezer drawer lower basket plastic retainer clip broken
  • Freezer drawer does not close properly because lower basket is hanging down
  • What causes freezer basket retainers to break so often?
  • Freezer drawer basket falls down


The lower freezer basket in a 600 or Classic series (BI) over/under unit is held in place by resting on top of four retainers, one in each corner.

  • If one of these retainers breaks, the freezer basket may fall out of place.
  • This may prevent the freezer drawer from closing properly.
  • Frequent breaking of retainers may be the result of the upper basket not being pushed in before closing entire freezer drawer as well as closing drawer gently.
  • For frequent breaking, the lower basket can be secured to the rails with zip-ties after the retainers are replaced. This helps keep the basket in place.

The lower freezer basket retainers are easy to replace and do not require the assistance of a service technician.

  • Insert retainers loosely, do not tighten.
  • Place basket in place, then tighten retainers. Do not overtighten.
  • Part number 7009399 is a package containing four retainers, two left and two right retainers.
  • Retainers are not available individually.
  • Retainers are held in place by a nut, which can be reused from the previous retainer. However, if a replacement nut is required, order part number 6151120 for each individual retainer being replaced.

The upper freezer basket retainers are part of the side rail assembly. Service is recommended for the repair and replacement of upper freezer basket retainers.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, no further troubleshooting advice is available. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

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