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Sub-Zero Cleaning Interior Shelves and Light Diffuser


  • How do I clean the interior refrigerator shelves or light diffuser?
  • How can I remove liquid or food between the shelf and glass?
  • What caused my shelf to crack when I washed it?
  • Interior shelf discolored
  • How to clean mold, stain or residue under shelf seal, frame, silicone


To clean Sub-Zero refrigerator interior shelves and the light diffuser:

  1. Remove shelves, drawers, and light diffuser from unit.
  2. To remove or adjust a glass shelf, tilt up, then lift up and out.
  3. In rare cases, if these suggestions do not resolve the issue, the part may need to be replaced. Contact a Factory Certified Parts Distributor to order parts.
  4. Allow shelves, drawers, and light diffuser to warm to room temperature.
    • Failure to warm shelves or diffusers to room temperature before submerging in water can cause the shelf or diffuser to shatter, damaging the part and possible injury.
  5. Using mild detergent, a little baking soda and water, wipe with a soft cloth.
    • Vinegar may be used to clean shelves. Wipe shelves with a soft cloth and white vinegar. Do not soak the shelves in vinegar.
  6. Rinse and dry shelving thoroughly before installing.
  7. For stains, mold or residue under the shelf seal or in the frame:
    • Allow the shelf or diffuser to soak in a bath tub filled with warm water and 1/10 bleach mixture over night.
    • Use a toothbrush or can of compressed air to remove any remaining residue.
    • Using a hand held steam cleaner with spray nozzle may also reach stubborn spots.
    • Shelf frame around the glass cannot be removed for cleaning. Replace the shelf if needed.
  8. For discoloration or graying, clean shelf with a 1:1 water to bleach mixture. Rinse with clean water.
    • If discoloration is not removed, replace the shelf if needed.
  9. Sub-Zero does not recommend removing the back panel in the unit.
    • Temperature sensors are in that area.
    • If moved, touched, or damaged, unit cooling will be affected.
  10. For additional cleaning suggestions, refer to:


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