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Sub-Zero Noisy Door Hinge


  • Door hinge squeaks or creaks when opened or closed
  • BI Series door hinge pops, cracks, or clicks when opening or closing doors
  • Resolve squeaky door hinge on Sub-Zero
  • Oil or grease dripping from door hinge
  • Are door hinges covered in a special kind of grease or oil?
  • PRO 48 Door hinge issues


Squeaky door hinges for all models can be resolved by applying a small amount of white lithium grease between the two metal parts of the door hinge. Sub-Zero suggests this is done by a Factory Certified Service technician.

  • White lithium grease can be purchased locally at most hardware and automotive repair stores.
  • Sub-Zero recommends lithium grease with an NSF-H1 rating, meaning that it is safe to come in incidental contact with food. It is unlikely that the grease would come in contact with food on a Sub-Zero if placed on the hinges.
  • Adding grease to a hinge allows the metal pieces to slide past each other without rubbing or metal on metal.
  • Over time, dust and dirt can build up in a hinge and decrease the effectiveness of the grease.

Classic (BI) Series

  • The spring mechanism in the BI Series hinge is under considerable pressure. It is possible to hear a slight "click" noise as the door opens or closes, which is normal.
  • This noise can occur at any point within the door's opening/closing swing. This noise is normal.
  • Once a unit is installed, this noise is usually not audible. Depending on hearing sensitivity, ambient noise levels, and installation considerations this noise may seem more pronounced in certain applications.

Other Models (200/300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 648PRO, and Designer (formerly Integrated))

  • Certain models of Sub-Zeros did have lithium grease sprayed into the hinge mechanism during the manufacturing process.
  • Although not normal, it is possible for some oil or grease residue to drip from the hinge.
  • Wipe up any excess oil or grease with an old rag.

648PRO Models

  • Rubbing or "metal on metal" like noise should be addressed by a technician.

If squeaking continues after applying lithium grease, contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

See also, Refrigerator Door Hinge Replacement.


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