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UC-15I Ice Maker Making Too Much Ice


  • UC-15I(P) producing too much ice, ice bin overflowing with ice
  • Is there a way to prevent the UC-15I(P) from producing so much ice? Can the level of ice production be adjusted, changed, or altered?
  • What controls the automatic shutoff on the Undercounter Ice Maker?
  • What is the metal rod running along the top of a UC-15I(P) ice bin for?
  • How to check operation of the bin thermostat
  • Why is the metal bar on the left side of a UC-15I(P) corroded, discolored, or water stained?
  • Why is there an additional part connected to, hanging from the bin thermostat?
  • What is the bin clip, part #7013482?
  • High altitude considerations for the UC-15I(P)


The level of ice in the UC-15I(P) Undercounter Ice Maker storage bin controls the automatic shut-off through the bin thermostat.

  • The bin thermostat is the metal rod inside the ice bin along the left wall.

  • The bin clip, part number 7013482, attaches directly to the bin thermostat and hangs down approximately 1".
  • If the bin clip is missing, contact a Factory Certified Parts Distributor to order a replacement.
  • The bin thermostat senses when the bin is full to prevent the unit from making more ice and turns on ice production as the ice level lowers.
  • When the bin is full, the ice makes contact with the bin thermostat. The cooling effect the ice has on the bin thermostat signals the ice maker to stop ice production.
  • As ice is used or melts, the ice level lowers and no longer makes contact with the bin thermostat. The warming effect on the bin thermostat signals the ice maker to start ice production.
  • To check operation of the bin thermostat:
    • Place three ice cubes on the thermostat clip for about five minutes. Ice production should stop.
    • Remove the ice cubes. The ice maker should restart approximately five minutes after the cubes are removed.
  • It is normal to notice some discoloration or water staining of the bin thermostat.
    • This is normal, as water does splash onto the bin thermostat.
    • It is possible for a build-up of calcium or lime to occur.
      • This depends on the quality of the water supply source and the frequency of cleaning.
      • If desired, the bin thermostat can be wiped with a blue Scotch-Brite cleaning pad to wipe off any build-up.
      • See also, Cleaning Undercounter Ice Maker UC-15I(P).

The level of ice can be raised or lowered by adjusting the bin thermostat control, which is located behind the unit's kickplate.

  1. Remove the four screws attaching the kickplate to the unit, then remove the kickplate.
    • The bin thermostat is located near the lower right corner.
  2. Turn the bin thermostat control counterclockwise to decrease the level of ice.
  3. Turn the bin thermostat control clockwise to increase the level of ice.
  4. Install the kickplate and kickplate screws.
  5. Monitor the unit's performance.

To troubleshoot excess water in the ice bin, see Undercounter Ice Maker Leaking Water and Undercounter Ice Maker Troubleshooting.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, no further troubleshooting advice is available. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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