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Undercounter Ice Maker Cleaning Tips


  • How do you clean a Sub-Zero ice maker?
  • Tips for cleaning Undercounter Ice Makers
  • Do the cleaner and sanitizer ship with the product?
  • Should any ice made during the cleaning process be removed after the cleaning cycle is complete?
  • What does cleaning an ice maker remove?
  • How long do cleaners and sanitizer last?


Cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces that come in contact with the water system of a Sub-Zero Undercounter Ice Maker should be done every six months regardless of water filtration system used.

Cleaning Products

Use only the cleaner and sanitizer made for your Sub-Zero ice maker.

  • The recommended cleaner is considered food safe.
  • The cleaning solution will remove limescale, calcium buildup from hard water, and other mineral deposits.
  • The sanitizing solution sanitizes the interior surface so it is food safe and removes algae and slime.
  • There is no shelf life for cleaners and sanitizers.

Sub-Zero does not recommend the use of any other cleaner or sanitizer, including bleach, to clean Undercounter Ice Makers.

  • A "green" or alternative recommendation to ice maker cleaner is not available.
  • Use vinegar only as a last resort to clean the machine's interior. However, a greater number of failures in the future may occur if the prescribed cleaning recommendations are not followed. Vinegar can be used in a 1:10 vinegar to water ratio.
  • Vinegar may be used on the exterior if soap and water will not remove water stains.
  • Stainless steel wool is not recommended for cleaning the stainless steel exterior.
  • See UC-15I and 315I Undercounter Ice Maker Cleaning Solution and Sanitizer for more information regarding the cleaner and sanitizer.

Cleaning Procedure

  1. Clean the Undercounter Ice Maker with sanitizer and cleaning solution before harvesting the first batch of ice, after the unit is installed.
  2. After three minutes, the CLEAN light will flash for one minute to indicate the proper time to add the cleaner or sanitizer solution. It stays steady throughout the cycle after the solution has been added.
  3. Use a small measuring cup to pour cleaning solution behind the ice shutters.
    • Ice shutters are cleaned during the cleaning cycle. It is not possible to remove the shutters without disassembling the ice maker.
  4. Rinse the bin with hot water after the cleaning cycle is complete to melt any ice that has been made during the cleaning process.
  5. If too much cleaner or sanitizer is used, run extra clean cycles without adding any additional cleaner or sanitizer.
    • If too much sanitizer is used, the bin will quickly fill with bubbles. This is a harmless reaction that will dissipate as the cycle runs.
  6. Factory Certified Service will clean and sanitize unit for a cost.
  7. Sub-Zero Factory Certified Service must disassemble an abnormally dirty ice maker for proper cleaning and sanitizing.
  8. If the ice maker requires more frequent cleaning and sanitizing, consult a qualified professional to test the water quality and recommend appropriate water treatment.

UC-15I Recommended Accessories




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