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Sub-Zero UC-15I and 315I Undercounter Ice Maker Cleaning Solution and Sanitizer


  • Are cleaning solutions for UC-15 or 315 interchangeable
  • 315I, UC-15I(P) Ice Maker cleaner, sanitizer part # 7013401
  • Is an MSDS available for UC-15I(P) cleaner and sanitizer
  • What is the shelf life for stand-alone ice maker cleaners and sanitizers
  • Purchase UC-15I ice maker cleaner in Canada
  • Cleaner part # 7013400, 7002609
  • Instruction sheet part # 7024671


Accessory Information

UC-15I(P) and 315I cleaners are not interchangeable. It is important to use the cleaner specific to the model or damage could occur, voiding the warranty.

  • Verify the model number of the unit. The model number is listed on the product serial tag. Refer to Sub-Zero Serial Tag Locations for more information.
  • There is no shelf life for cleaners and sanitizers.
  • Due to regulatory restrictions, cleaner and sanitizer does not ship with Sub-Zero ice makers.
  • Purchase cleaning solution and sanitizer for model UC-15I(P) through Sub-Zero's Accessory Store or a Factory Certified Parts Distributor.
  • Purchase cleaning solution for model 315I, part number 7002609, is no longer available from Sub-Zero.
    • The cleaner is Scotsman Clear1 Scale Remover for Ice Machines.
    • The cleaning solution is available through online retailers such as Amazon.
    • This cleaning solution gets diluted. Always follow package instructions.
  • For Canada, Sub-Zero does not export any chemicals.
  • To purchase cleaner and sanitizer in Canada, contact the supplier directly:



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