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Coffee System Cup Warming Drawer


  • Wolf Coffee System cup warmer, Cup Warming Drawer model CW24/B, and CW24/S features
  • Information about Cup Warming Drawer
  • How big is the interior of the CW24 Cup Warming Drawer?
  • Can towels or napkins be warmed in the Cup Warming Drawer?


The Cup Warming Drawer controls cycle through temperature, timer, and optional Delay Start settings.

  • Temp and Timer must be set for the unit to turn on.
  • Delay Start is optional.
  • If a delay is not selected, the unit will start immediately and run for the duration of the Timer setting.
  • The timer is programmable from 1 minute to 4 hours.

Setting Cup Warming Drawer Controls

  1. Touch On/Menu.
    • The display turns on, and Temp illuminates.
  2. Touch More or Less/Off to adjust to the desired temperature.
  3. Once the temperature is set, touch On/Menu to go to the next setting.
    • Timer illuminates.
  4. Touch More or Less/Off to set the desired run time.
  5. Once the run time is set, touch On/Menu to go to the next setting.
    • Delay Start illuminates.
  6. Touch More or Less/Off to adjust the Delay Start time, if desired.
    • Delay Start is programmable from 1 minute to 9 hours 50 minutes.
  7. Touch On/Menu to begin operation.
  8. The unit will automatically shut off at the end of the run time.
  9. Touch Less/Off to turn the unit off at any time.


CW24/B and CW24/S Cup Warming Drawers are available to compliment EC24 Wolf Coffee Systems.

  • CW24/B and CW24/S have interior usable dimensions of 17" wide, 20" deep, and 4" tall.
  • No trim kit is available for the CW24/B or CW24/S to match an EC24 with a 30" trim kit installed.
  • The design guide does not have a stacked drawing of the Cup Warming Drawer and Coffee System. However, the text indicates the 1/8" reveal is required on all sides of the Cup Warming Drawer.
  • A stacked drawing is available using the Reveal Specification Tool, which shows the 1/8" reveal.
  • If the Cup Warming Drawer is installed on its own, there will be a 1/4" gap above it.
  • The Coffee System has no bottom trim. It sits on top of the Cup Warming Drawer.
  • The CW24/B and CW24/S Cup Warming Drawer are opened manually.
  • Food or fabrics cannot be warmed in the drawer due to open heating elements.
  • Cup Warming Drawers are not Star-K compliant for use on the Sabbath.

Refer to the Cup Warming Drawer Use and Care Guide for design specifications.


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