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Gas Surface Burner Flame Location


  • Should flame appearance or size change from high to medium to low to simmer?
  • Medium and low flame look the same
  • Should the simmer burner be on all the time?


The flame location will change depending on the Wolf product; however, burner operation and flame appearance will be the same.

Sealed Burners (GR Gas Ranges, Sealed Rangetops, Dual Fuel, Gas Cooktops)

  • Sealed burners have two sets of gas ports around the perimeter of the burner assembly.
  • The lower ring is for Simmer, while the upper rings is for High, Medium and Low.
  • The flame should only originate from the upper or lower ring for the appropriately selected setting.

Open Burners (R Gas Ranges, RT Gas Rangetops)

  • Open burners have two sets of gas ports, one around the outer burner ring and the other around the center cap.
  • The flame will originate from both the center cap and the outer ring in High, Medium and Low settings and from the center cap only in Simmer.

All Burners

  • When increasing the burner setting from simmer or low to a higher setting, only half the burner ring may ignite.
  • Burners are designed to ignite on high, and proper ignition will not take place at medium.
  • When going back to a higher level from low, turn burner fully to high to reestablish ignition, then adjust down to desired level.

Refer to the product use and care guide for further information.


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