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Old and Commercial Wolf Information


  • Who to contact for service on an old Wolf product
  • Determine the configuration of an old Wolf product
  • What is the phone number for ADCO?
  • What is the phone number to Wolf Commercial or Wolf Equipment or Vulcan range?
  • Where to refer customers with old Wolf models that have service issues
  • Wolf Snorkler, Challenger, Wolf Salamander, Wolf Trash Compactor, or Wolf Regency Griddles
  • Older Wolf products
  • Red Wolf logo


  1. Determine if the unit is commercial or residential.
    • Wolf Equipment can help provide service and any other information for Wolf Commercial Products at 800.814.2028.
    • Wolf Equipment website is
    • Wolf Equipment is now a division of ITW Food Equipment Group, LLC.
    • Wolf Snorkler, Wolf Salamander, Wolf Challenger, Wolf Trash Compactor, and Wolf Regency Griddles are commercial products, which are handled by Wolf Equipment.
    • Wolf Commercial ranges will have solid doors vs. glass doors on residential units as well.
  2. Determine if the Residential unit has a wolf head logo.
    • If the wolf head logo is black in color, or the unit was purchased after 1/1/97 and service is needed, contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.
    • If the wolf head logo is red in color, or the unit was manufactured before 1/1/97:
      • For part numbers, part information, or other information on these products, contact ADCO at (877) 388-5226 or 877-913-8999. ADCO is the company responsible for Residential Wolf range service for products built during this time.
    • ADCO is in Arizona.

For serial tag locations, refer to Wolf Serial Tag Location Guide

For a list of current and former Wolf models, refer to Wolf Model Number Timeline.

See also, Used Product Value.


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