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Wolf Serial Tag Locations



Serial Tag Information:

The serial tag, labeled as the rating plate in the diagrams below, shows the following:

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Manufacture Date*
  • Total Amps

*Manufacture date is not shown on all Wolf models. Refer to Age of a Sub-Zero, Wolf, or Cove Appliance for information on when a specific unit was manufactured.

App Information:

If a product is connected using the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App, the serial number is accessible within the app.

Note: The unit serial number is not used to pair an appliance to the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App. Instead, a PIN appears on the appliance screen during the pairing process.




Convection Steam Oven (CSO)


  • Left side of front face frame.
  • Door must be open.

E Series Ovens - SO3050 and DO3050 Models

  • Near the bottom trim on the left.
  • Double Ovens - found in the lower oven.
  • Door must be open.

E Series Ovens - SO30 and DO30 Models

  • Below control panel on the right.
  • SO24TE - Left side of front face frame.
  • Door must be open.

L Series Ovens

  • Below control panel on the right.
  • Door must be open.

M Series Ovens

  • Near bottom trim on the left.
  • Double Ovens - found in lower oven.
  • Door must be open.

Speed Oven

  • Left side of front face frame.
  • Door must be open.


Cooktops, Ranges, and Rangetops




  • Bottom of the cooktop.

Module Cooktop:

  • Multifunction

  • Bottom of the module in center front

Module Cooktops:

  • Grill
  • Steamer
  • Fryer
  • Teppanyaki

  • Bottom of the module on left side of unit


  • Dual Fuel (DF)
  • Induction (IR)
  • Gas (GR)

  • Bottom of the control panel at far right.
  • Door must be open.
  • R Series - Under left-hand burner pan.*

Sealed Burner Rangetop (SRT)

  • Bottom of control panel at the far right.
Rangetop (RT)
  • Under the left surface burner pan on the left side wall.**

Gas Range and Gas Rangetop Serial Information:

*First, determine if it is an R Series or GR Series Gas Range:

  • Are the burners open (R) or sealed (GR)?
  • Does one burner grate cover one burner (R) or two burners (GR)?
  • Is the light switch a black toggle switch (R) or a stainless push button (GR)?

**For R Series Gas Range and RT Series Rangetops, serial tags are found under the left surface burner pan on the left side wall.

  • To see the serial tag, remove the burner grates, burner rings, and the leftmost burner pan. The serial tag is on the left side wall of the burner box (the metal box that holds the burner components).
  • For older Wolf ranges, such as the AS30K1, the serial tag may appear on the right side of the burner box.





Convection Microwave

  • Lower left side of front face frame.
  • Door must be open.

Drawer Microwave

  • Bottom of the oven cavity behind the drawer.
  • Drawer must be open.

Drop-Down Door Microwave

  • Front left of the bottom ledge.
  • Door must be open.

Standard Microwave

  • Upper left side wall inside cavity.
  • MS24 - Moved to the upper right face plate.
  • Door must be open.


Warming Drawer, Vacuum Seal Drawer, and Coffee System



Coffee System - EC24 Models*

  • Above the coffee compartment.*
  • Unit must be slid forward.

Coffee System - EC2450, EC3050 Models

  • Above the coffee compartment.
  • Unit must be slid forward.

Cup Warming Drawer

  • Right side of the control panel.
  • Drawer must be open.

Warming Drawer

  • Left front floor area of inner cabinet.
  • WD30 - Back of the drawer frame front plate.
  • Drawer must be open.

Vacuum Seal Drawer

  • On the left side of the drawer.
  • On the outside behind the front panel.

*Coffee System Serial Information:

Currently, Wolf Coffee System serial tags are found where listed in the location guide above. However, they are on the right side, not the left.

  • The serial number starts with 137XXXXX.
  • New tags have commas in the serial number (13,7XX,XXX).
  • The serial number is on a plain white tag that has no other markings, only a number and a bar code.
  • The 5-digit number on the black and silver rating plate is not part of the serial number.

Some units do have the serial tag on the left, forward of the rating plate. No serial break is available.

Image of New Serial Tag





Outdoor Gas Grill

  • Above the drip tray behind the logo.
  • Drip tray must be removed.
  • BBQ Models - Backside of rear hood top.
  • OG Carts do not have serial numbers.

Outdoor Grill Module

  • Bottom of control panel, right side.





Blower Motors
  • Do not have individual serial numbers.
  • For warranty purposes, claims are filed under the ventilation system serial number.

Cooktop Ventilation Hoods

  • Under left side of hood above the filters.
  • Filters must be removed.
  • Includes Ceiling-Mounted and Under-Cabinet Hoods.


  • Next to blower housing on front side of Downdraft.
  • Found below the countertop.

Pro Wall Chimney Hood

Pro Island Hood

  • Inside wall of the hood shell, back

Pro Wall Hood

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

  • Inside wall of the hood shell, left side

Pro Hood Liner

  • Inside wall of the hood shell, right side


Wolf Gourmet Countertop Appliances

Sub-Zero and Cove:

Additional Resources:

If a unit is missing the serial number tag, contact the Sub-Zero Customer Care Team at [email protected], or call (800) 222-7820, Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. CST.

If a unit requires repair, contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment.


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