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Dual Fuel Range Oven Light Bulb Replacement


  • Replace the Next Dual Fuel Range oven light bulbs
  • Is replacing the Next Dual Fuel Range oven upper light bulb different than the side bulb replacement?
  • Is service needed to replace the light bulb at the top of the oven cavity?
  • Dual Fuel Range oven light bulb part number


Bulb Information

Replacement light bulbs can typically be purchased locally at most home improvement or hardware stores or by calling a Factory Certified Parts Distributor.

Dual Fuel Range (DF30450, DF36450, DF36650)

823914 (large, side wall)

  • Two 230-volt, 40-watt bulbs in each oven

823383 (small, ceiling)

  • 230-volt, 25-watt bulb in each oven

For light bulb specifications and part numbers for other products, refer to Electric Oven Light Bulb Replacement.

See also, Sub-Zero and Wolf Substitute Incandescent Light Bulbs with LED.

Replace Bulb

To replace the light bulbs in the side wall of the Next Dual Fuel Range Oven:

  1. Remove the racks and the rack guide on the side of the oven where the light bulb needs to be replaced.
  2. Use a small flat blade screwdriver to pry the light cover away from the housing, as shown.
  3. Remove the bulb by pulling straight up from socket.
  4. Use a clean dry cloth to insert the new bulb.
    • Oils from fingers and hands that are transferred to bulb can shorten the life of the bulb.
  5. Install the light lens. 

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.

To replace the light bulb in the ceiling of the oven, or for help with replacing the bulb in the side wall, contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for bulb replacement.


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