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Replace a Convection Microwave with a Standard Microwave


  • What Integrated Standard Microwave replaces MWC24 Convection Microwave?
  • Can a Convection Microwave be replaced with a Standard Microwave?
  • Installation differences between the old Convection Microwave and new Standard Microwave
  • What changes have to be made when replacing MC24 with MS24?
  • What are the differences in opening depth, width, and height of old and new Convection Microwaves?
  • Convection Microwave to Standard Microwave compatibility


Replacing a MWC24 with a MS24 requires an opening modification. The height requirements are different.

  • Convection Microwave trim kits do not fit Standard Microwaves. A new trim kit is required.
  • There is no 36" L Series trim kit available for a Standard Microwave.
  • Convection Microwaves are taller than Standard Microwaves.
  • Standard Microwaves use microwave heat only. Trays and racks from Convection Microwaves will not work in a Standard Microwave.

Refer to the following chart for installation differences.

Standard Installation with TrimFlush Inset Installation with TrimElectrical

Opening Depth

  • No change
  • Convection requires 20-1/8".
  • Standard requires 20".

Opening Width

  • No change
  • Width is the same for both convection and standard.
  • 27" Trim = 25-1/4"
  • 30" Trim = 27-1/2"
  • 36" Trim = No 36" trim available for Standard Microwaves.

Opening Height

  • Change Required
  • Convection Microwaves require 18-7/8".
  • Standard Microwaves require 17".

E and L Series Trim

  • New Trim needed for Standard Microwaves. Unable to modify existing trim to make it fit.

Opening Depth

  • Likely no change
  • MWC24 required 20-1/8", MC24 requires 21-1/8".
  • Standard microwaves require 23-1/4".
  • Most cabinets are made to a standard 24" depth.
  • Modifications will likely not be needed.

Opening Width

  • No change
  • Width is the same for both convection and standard.
  • 27" E Series Trim = 27-1/8".
  • 30" E Series Trim = 30-1/8".
Opening Height
  • Change Required
  • Convection Microwaves require 20-1/8".
  • Standard Microwaves require 18-1/2".

Finished Cleats

  • No change
  • Cleats are the same for both convection and standard.
  • 27" E Series Trim = 15/16".
  • 30" E Series Trim = 1-5/16".
Electrical supply requirements are the same for both convection and standard: 120 V AC, 60 Hz, 15 amp circuit.
  • No change needed
  • MWC24 came with a 3' power cord with grounded plug.
  • MS24 comes with a 4' power cord with grounded plug.

Refer to the Wolf Design Guide for additional design specifications.

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