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Wolf MWC24 Convection Microwave Defrost Mode


  • Defrost foods in MWC24
  • What kinds of food can be defrosted in the MWC24?
  • Set weight of food to defrost in Convection Microwave


Defrost automatically defrosts foods by using microwaves to lightly heat the food. Microwave-safe dishes are necessary for good results.

  1. Place food in a microwave-safe dish on the turntable.
  2. Touch DEFROST once.
  3. Touch DEFROST until the display shows the desired food name:
    • Ground Meat
    • Steaks, Chops, or Fish
    • Chicken Pieces
  4. Enter the weight of the food.
  5. Touch START/QUICK ON. The oven will stop so the food can be checked. Follow directions in the interactive display, such as: TURN FOOD OVER COVER EDGES.
  6. After the first stage, open the door. Turn food over. Close the door. Touch START/QUICK ON.
  7. After the second stage, open the door and check the food. Close the door. Touch START/QUICK ON. Follow directions in the interactive display, such as: CHECK FOOD COVER EDGES.
  8. After defrost cycle ends, follow directions in the interactive display, example: LET STAND COVERED.


  • If you attempt to enter more or less than the amount listed in the chart, an error message will appear in the display.
  • Check foods when the oven signals. After the final stage, small sections may still be icy. Let stand to continue thawing. Do not defrost until all ice crystals are thawed.


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