827132-Filler Strip for Downdraft

PART NO. 827132

Cooktop/Module Filler Strip for Downdrafts

Use this stainless steel trim piece to eliminate the gap between two cooktops or modules to provide a nicely finished look when there is a downdraft present. MSRP $30.00

To purchase this accessory and more, contact your local parts distributor.


Models Compatible With This Accessory

Model Product Name MSRP
CE152TF/S 15" Transitional Electric Cooktop $1,215.00 - $1,290.00
CG152TF/S 15" Transitional Gas Cooktop $1,185.00
CG243TF/S 24" Transitional Framed Gas Cooktop $1,585.00
CI152TF/S 15" Transitional Induction Cooktop $1,450.00
CI243TF/S 24" Transitional Framed Induction Cooktop $2,005.00
CI304T/S 30" Transitional Induction Cooktop $2,560.00
CI304TF/S 30" Transitional Framed Induction Cooktop $2,560.00
CI365T/S 36" Transitional Induction Cooktop $3,115.00
CI365TF/S 36" Transitional Framed Induction Cooktop $3,115.00
MM15TF/S 15" Transitional Multifunction Module $1,525.00
TM15TF/S 15" Transitional Teppanyaki Module $2,275.00