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Cove Dishwasher Kickplate Installation and Clearance


  • Cove Dishwasher kickplate installation and clearance
  • Kickplate magnets, part # 829050
  • Custom kickplate strike plates


The kickplate must be removable for service. The floor cannot interfere with removal.

  1. Finger-tighten the adjustment bracket nuts.
  2. For a metal kickplate, place the kickplate on the magnets.
    • For a custom kickplate, place the strike plates on the magnets, remove the paper backing from the strike plates, and press the kickplate against the adhesive to secure. Refer to the illustration below.

  1. Make in-and-out adjustments. Refer to the illustration below.
  2. Remove the kickplate, then wrench-tighten the bracket nuts.
  3. Install the kickplate.


It is possible to adhere a decorative kickplate to the existing kickplate. The height and thickness can vary, provided it does not impede the door panel rotation.

  • The magnets holding the kickplate in place can be ordered using part number 829050. Magnets can be ordered by calling the Factory Certified Parts Distributor in your area. Parts are not available for purchase online.
  • The strike plates are part of the installation hardware that comes with the dishwasher. Order a new installation hardware kit if the strike plates are needed. Refer to Cove Installation Hardware for part numbers.
  • The upper right corner of any kickplate exceeding 3-3/8" (86) in height must be notched to allow for airflow.

Refer to the product Installation Guide for further installation information.


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