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Sub-Zero 700 Series Manual Zone Disable Mode


  • Is it possible to disable only one zone in a 700 Series Sub-Zero for cleaning?
  • If one section is turned off or shut down, will the other zone operate normally?
  • Can just the freezer be turned off to defrost it?
  • Can one drawer of a base drawer unit be turned off and leave the other on?
  • Can you disable a compartment on the 700TF(I)?
  • Shutdown mode on original 700 models
  • How to turn off 700 Series


It is possible to disable only one section in a 700 Series Sub-Zero for cleaning or service purposes.

To initiate Manual Zone Disable Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the unit off, using the Unit On/Off key.
  2. Press and hold the Warmer key of the section you want to disable.
  3. While holding the Warmer key, turn the unit back on by pressing the Unit On/Off key.
  4. Release both keys.
    • The disabled section will show "--" (double dashes) in place of temperature readings, indicating that all cooling functions for that zone are disabled.
    • The lights will stay on in the disabled section.
  5. To return the unit to normal operation, repeat the steps above or press the Unit On/Off key, then the Warmer key.

700TF(I)'s and Base Drawer models do not have Manual Zone Disable.

  • Earliest versions of the 700 Series (prior to serial number 1648880) did not have a manual zone disable mode; however, there was a shutdown mode.
  • Attempting to set temperatures warmer than control limits causes a shutdown mode.
  • In shutdown mode, "--" will appear.
  • All unit functions will be suspended except the lights and door alarm.
  • To take the unit out of shutdown mode, press the Colder key.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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