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Sub-Zero High Altitude Doors


  • What elevation requires the use of a high altitude glass door for Sub-Zero products?
  • How to order a high altitude glass door for Sub-Zero glass door units?
  • Can the high altitude glass (HAG) door be installed in levels below 5000'?
  • What does A stand for in Sub-Zero model numbers?


A high altitude glass door is available for installations above 5,000' in elevation.
  • In the model number, replace (G) for glass with (A) for altitude to get the correct high altitude product.
    • For models without a "G" for glass, add an "A" to the model. Example: UW-24A/S/TH-RH
    • High altitude glass doors are only available on stainless steel models for Classic (CL) Series units.
  • The glass on high altitude models is specifically designed to be installed 5,000' above sea level.
    • The door can bow if a unit without high altitude glass is installed at high altitude.
    • There is no maximum elevation for high altitude doors.
  • Installing a high altitude door at lower elevations may compromise the integrity of the unit.
    • It is not possible to replace a high altitude door with a normal glass door, or vice versa.
  • Dual installations are possible with two units that have high altitude doors.
    • The dual installation trim will not line up if a high altitude door is placed next to a normal glass door unit.
    • Refer to Undercounter Dual Installation Kit for more information.
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