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Undercounter Dual Installation Kit


  • Install dual installation kits for Undercounter units
  • Instruction sheet, part number 7030942, for dual installation kit, part number 7030447
  • When to use a dual installation kit on UC-24 models
  • Outdoor considerations for dual installation kit use on UC-24 units
  • Can a 424 or UW-24 be installed with a UC model?
  • Why does the UC-15I not need a heater kit?


For other models, refer to:

UC Undercounter Dual Installation Kit Instructions detail the installation process.

  • UC-24 side-by-side installations without a custom filler strip require a dual installation kit, part number 7030447.
    • The dual installation kit can be used on indoor and outdoor models.
    • The dual installation kit does not add additional width to the opening.
    • The middle trim of the dual installation kit is stainless steel.
    • Undercounter Wine Storage units, models 424 and UW-24, use the same installation kit.
    • High altitude glass door units must be installed next to each other for the installation kit to align properly. Refer to Sub-Zero High Altitude Doors for more information.
  • If a dual installation kit is not used, Sub-Zero recommends a 2" filler strip between units.
  • Dual installations of UC-24 and Undercounter Wine Storage products without a filler strip can only be accomplished using two units with opposite hinges.
  • If the units have hinges on the same side, use a filler strip to prevent binding.
  • A connector to accommodate the dual installation heater was added to UC-24 models starting with serial number 3603000.
    • Units prior to this serial number do not have a connector to connect the dual installation kit, so a connector is not required.
    • The heater attaches to the left side of the right-hand unit.
    • The UC-15I does not require a heater kit, as it is not a refrigerated compartment and does not have the moisture potential of a cooling system.

Refer to the Sub-Zero Design Guide or to Reveal, the custom specification tool, for design specifications and custom panel dimensions.

ModelInstalled Next to ModelDual Installation Kit
UC-24424When less than 2" apart
UC-24Any Designer, Classic, or Designer Wine Storage modelWhen less than 2" apart
424 Wine Storage424 prior to serial number 3227000No
424 Wine Storage424 starting with serial number 3227000When less than 2" apart
UW-24 Wine StorageAny other modelWhen less than 2" apart
UC-15I Ice MakerAny other modelNo
315W Wine StorageAny other modelNo

Part numbers:

DescriptionPart Number
Dual Installation Kit7030447
Outdoor Dual Kickplate7030804
Dual Kickplate - Black7030799
Dual Kickplate - Silver7030800
Single Kickplate - Silver7030801

Contact a Local Dealer for further sales information and to purchase a dual installation kit. Refer to the product Installation Guide for further installation information.


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