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Sub-Zero Refrigerator or Freezer How to Set Temperature for Dial Control


  • Is there a way to shut off a dial control refrigerator or freezer besides turning off at the breaker?
  • Turn on or off 200/300 or 500 Series product
  • Dials turned off, but lights still come on in unit
  • Which way to turn temperature control
  • What is the recommended setting for a dial control
  • Turn off freezer and leave the refrigerator on


Recommended Dial Control Setting

In products with a dial control, set the dial between 4 and 6. 1 is warmest setting and 10 (or 7 on some models) is coldest. Set the dial from 4 to 6 for temperatures near 38°F in the refrigerator and 0°F in the freezer.

For instructions on adjusting the setting, see:

See also:

Turn off Refrigerator or Freezer

To turn off the refrigerator and freezer, turn the control knob to 0 or off.

  • If the lights stay on in the unit or the condenser fan motor continues to run after the dials are turned to the off position, turn the unit off at the circuit breaker.
  • The dial has a detent before the Off position, so a pause may be felt before going to the Off position.
  • If the dial does not move or feels stuck, do not force it, as it may cause the control to break.
  • Some dials turned counterclockwise and some turned clockwise. Turn the dial all the way one way. If the unit does not turn off, turn back all the way the other way to turn it off.

See also, Sub-Zero Vacation Settings.

Multiple Dials

To determine how many dials per unit for 200/300 Series models, see Numbers of Compressors and Controls.

  • 500 Series models with a refrigerator and freezer have two controls, one for each section. Only 500 Series controls are backlit.
  • See also, Sub-Zero Control Back Lighting.
  • If there are two dials, each compartment (refrigerator and freezer) is independent. One can be off and the other on.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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