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Humidor Humidity


  • Where to buy humidor humidity packs
  • Humidor humidity is low
  • Humidor humidity control
  • How does a Sub-Zero humidor control humidity?


Humidity Pack Information

Humidity is difficult to control. Most humidors require checking regularly and adding water.

Boveda’s patented humidity packs allow for worry-free humidity control.

  • Humidity packets slide into the retainer inside the humidor.
  • Boveda packs have a two-way humidity control that absorbs humidity from the air and gives off humidity.
  • Humidity packs are a water and salt solution surrounded by a patented gel.
  • The pack becomes hard when it is spent.

Designer Wine Storage (IW) products generate ambient humidity.

  • In humid climates, lower humidity level packs may be suitable.
  • Add an additional pack if humidity is low.
  • Packs cannot over-humidify.

    Purchase Humidity Packs

    Two different humidity packs come with the humidor unit:

    Boveda offers multiple levels of packs of 65%, 69%, 72% humidity and more.

    • The maximum humidity is the percent on the pack no matter how many packs are used at one time.
    • has informational videos on the packs, which can be purchased directly from them or some local cigar stores may carry them as well.
    • Sub-Zero does not sell additional Boveda packs separately.

    Humidity Tips

    • Humidity is dependent on how often the humidor is opened, the relative humidity in the room, and the humidity of the Designer Wine Storage unit.
    • Sub-Zero humidors pair with Designer Wine Storage products and should be left in the unit at all times.

    If relative humidity is over 75% for a long period, cigars will feel heavy and will be difficult to light.

    When the relative humidity drops below 65% for a long period, cigars will dry out.

    • Dry cigars will flake and burn fast and too hot.
    • A dry cigar will feel crunchy, may be able to hear the leaves crunch as you roll the cigar in your fingers while it is held by your ear.
    • After 2 weeks if the humidity is low, repeat the seasoning process and avoid opening the humidor during the seasoning period.

    Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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